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The point and determination of environmental leather    Date:2018-01-26
The skin of the green skin is commonly called artificial skin. The green skin is similar to the real appearance. The hand feel of the superfibrous skin is similar to that of the dermis. The biggest difference between the artificial skin and the dermis is that the skin has natural pores that can dissipate and dissipate the skin, but the artificial skin is not. For example, some people who wear leather shoes will get their feet and wear leather shoes, but that''s because the skin has natural pores.
In fact, there is a kind of dermis called the green skin (the dermis is also called Zhi Rouji). It is because the test indicators of this dermis have reached the standards of the international health organization. It is a kind of leather that is suitable for human beings, which does not pollute the environment, do harm to human skin and healthy leather.
The production process of environmental protection skin from the selection of leather material, the selection of material in the process of production, is to refer to the environmental protection index to strictly request the completion of! There is a green skin and the super fiber, what the west......
The difference between them is that: green skin, xipi, microfiber leather is leather, usually done with the resin.
Advantages and disadvantages
Light warm and elegant. Animal skin is often said to make leather shoes or leather clothes with better permeability and flexibility, and make people feel comfortable.
The price is expensive, and the storage and nursing requirements are high, so it is not suitable to be popularized.
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Tel:+86 755-83549521
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