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The future development of the leather industry    Date:2018-01-26
With the development of science, the performance of synthetic leather will become more and more close to natural leather, but it can never reach the index of natural leather. The reason is that the nature of leather comes from life science. Animal skin is a part of life. The profound and mysterious of life science is not general physical and chemical imitation. People can synthesize bovine insulin, but can not synthesize bulls, cows and goats. In addition, leather products also have special psychological value for users, that is, conspicuous and self masturbating, which is the same with the feeling of wearing rings made of copper and gold. With the improvement of life quality, people''s demand of leather will become more and more big, and may not decline, so that the leather industry is "sun industry" is not an exaggeration.
The vitality of an industry lies in the market demand of the products produced in this industry, and the demand of the market depends on the function and function of the product to human beings. Leather products have been favored by people for thousands of years and are flourishing, mainly due to their superior and irreplaceable performance.

1, the affinity with the human body; the animal skin is composed mainly of collagen, and the human skin is also collagen. Therefore, as long as we control the use of chemical materials in the process of manufacturing, all leather can be closely contacted with the human body at any distance, and it will not produce any adverse reactions that are harmful to human body. This is hardly comparable to any chemical fiber.

2, the mechanical properties of leather; has certain elasticity, but it is different from the elastic plastic and rubber, stretching to a certain length, the rebound is not with the external force is eliminated and linear, but according to the specific curve slowly restored, this is the lag of the leather rebound. This unique mechanical property makes leather and leather shoes comfortable and body fitted, and has no pressure on the body. The reason why leather shoes and rubber shoes and plastic shoes are different are different.

3, health performance; leather breathable and moisture of other fabrics especially chemical fiber fabric There is nothing comparable to this, in the state of nature is completely dry leather still contains 15% water, the normal load capacity of suede weight 70%, the leather is still dry, there is still no wearing wet sense. The pervious vapour of leather is up to 200g/m2hr. And the top of the synthetic leather - the superfine fiber leather is only 10g/m2hr. In addition, the leather itself is a porous body with a high specific surface of a three-dimensional interwoven protein fiber. There are about 1 million micropores per square inch. This structure brings good air permeability for leather and breathes up to more than 1000 liters per square meter per hour under the pressure of 1mm mercury column. This row of precious moisture absorption and air permeability with rare footwear and clothing comfort and hygiene.
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Tel:+86 755-83549521
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