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The history of the development of leather    Date:2018-01-23
Leather industry covers leather industry, shoemaking, leather clothing, leather products, fur products and other main industries, as well as leather chemicals, leather hardware, leather machinery, accessories and other supporting industries. High correlation between upstream and downstream, relying on market pull, product evergreen, collection of foreign exchange, rich people, employment as one of the characteristics.
After adjusting and optimizing the structure, China''s leather industry has initially formed a batch of leather production characteristic areas and specialized markets with clear specialization, outstanding features, and playing a pivotal role in stimulating the local economy. The formation of them has laid the foundation for the development of the Chinese leather industry.
In the increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, China leather industry can achieve such a result is not easy, which also proved Chinese leather industry with strong vitality. The market potential of leather and its products is very large. The total demand of leather is about 100 million square meters, which is equal to the output of 300 million cowhide (standard leather). The leather output of China is equivalent to nearly 70 million pieces of standard leather, accounting for 23.33% of the total leather output of the world. However, Chinese leather shoes and related industries, enterprises should face up to twenty-first Century, we in many ways also exist deficiencies, although China is the world''s largest producer of leather, but leather is not strong, is still in a weak position in quality, value, need to be honed and improved in this market environment.
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