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We are a big family - Boshiho barbecue    Date:2018-12-24

We are a big family - Boshiho barbecue

  Today''''s barbecue must be happy, because colleagues took their lovely children with us. Along the way they singing, jumping and telling jokes, bring us lots of joy. Soon we came to our barbecue location.


  We have two barbecue stations to hold a large group of us. As soon as the barbecue stuff came out, everyone was ready to do a big deal, some sorted out the food, some placed the grills, some fired. We were busy chatting and laughing inside the shed. The rain outside was heavy.


Our Mr. Wu saw the fire silent, soon went up to ventilate it. Saw his professional posture, amazing it really

 worked, the fire flame and smoke all got up. 


  Some colleagues who were really good at do barbecue, they flipped the chicken wings constantly like an expert. The chicken wings burnt were golden and bright, floating fragrance. And we shared these delicious roasted together. The oil was flowing out from the sliced meat, we took photos and children played next to us.


  We grilled delicious beef skewers; golden potato chips; meat-colored ham, chicken wings also peppers. There were also marshmallow, amazing, it can be roasted! Its my first time to see roast marshmallows. It tasted like a mystery.



  At this time, the barbecue owner came over and sat with us together. He made a bunch of meat and baked it, he said: the barbecue takes time, baked it slowly and the fragrance been sent out from the inside of food , the meat turns tender, and also it won''''t burn. Oh! What a different way to do barbecue.


  Time flies. The barbecue was over while we dont realize it. What I realize was my colleagues were really good at barbecue and they were so kind and lovely. We get much intimate. Actually happiness is infectious. In this happy family, you will also be a happy. I am really honored, I am one of this family..


  I’m Coco, the lucky one.

Contact me through if you need. Enjoy every day!

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